How to connect to the NL Link repeater system using Zoiper IAX Client:

First step is email: and ask for a username and password, please include your callsign and your desired password and then your callsign and password will be added to the database.

Second step is to download zoiper for your desired device, smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc, it available for just about every platform available, download it here

third step is to setup an IAX account, If it asks if you already have a username and password say yes, and then select manual configuration. the name can be anything you want to call it, the server will be, then put in your assigned username (Your callsign) and your password, and also put your callsign in the caller id box.

Fourth step, once your account is setup and registered in the app you are ready to make a call, from the dial pad screen, press 1000 and then press CALL, you should hear it ring and then connect, once the call is established you need to press *99 to press the "PTT" button and then # to release it each time you want to talk. There is no indication if you have the ptt button pressed so you may want to push the # button a few extra times to make sure you have let go of your "PTT" button.

And thats it, anytime you want to connect to the NL Link repeater system just open your zoiper program and connect then dial the node number 1000. I think you will appreciate the high level of audio quality through zoiper as compared to echolink. Please enjoy the system and if you need any further help or information, please send me an email at

iPhone Zoiper setup

I will show you how to setup zoiper on the iPhone below with some screenshots to help you out

First get the free zoiper app by visiting their website at

click on download choose your device/operating system and remember to choose the free version, this will take you to the appropriate download for your setup.

Once you have the app installed, open it up and click on settings then click on accounts, then click the + sign on the top right of the screen

When it asks if you aready have an account, select yes,
then it will ask you to select a provider, select manual configuration.
next click on IAX account.

For the account name call it whatever you like, NLLINK is a good suggestion.
User Name: your callsign
Password: Yourpassword
CallerID: your callsign
Enable on start: ON, Green

Optional, under codecs, turn them all off except for u-law, u-law is the only one we use

Once all setup, press register, you should see on top of the screen Registration Status: OK.

Now you are ready to call in. back out to the Dialpad screen, you should see up top NLLINK Ready. Dial 1000 and press Call once connected, turn on the speaker and then select the keypad,
to talk you press *99 and to stop you press #.
When you are finished press Hide Keypad and select End Call