Listen to Live audio from the Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Radio Repeater Link System

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NEW!! Public Allstar Access via Allstar node #43038 VO1GFR

First EchoLink Access via VO1GFR-R #566468
Second Echolink Access via VO1GT-R #958307

Repeater Directory

NL Repeater System Network Status

APRS Network Overview

VHF Nets:
 Caribou VHF Net Nightly at 9:00 PM Island Time 8:30 PM Labrador Time On the NL Link Repeater System
SideWinder Net Sundays after the Caribou Net on 144.200 Upper Sideband

HF Nets:

Cod Jigger Morning Net: 7.085.0 Mhz 9:30am or 3.740.0 Mhz depending on band conditions
NL Evening Traffic Net: 3.740.0 Mhz 7:00PM Daily